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Vritti Associates design and manufacture Power Transformers for a variety of power supply and power conversion applications. Power transformers may be designed in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Design requirements for a Power Transformers :

  • Typical minimum requirements to be specified for a Power Transformer are:
    • Power rating in VA.
    • Frequency usually 60 Hz.
    • Number of primary windings.
    • Number of secondary windings.
    • Operating voltages levels.
    • Operating current levels
    • Operating frequency is needed for core calculations and wire sizing.
  • Core material is selected for the known operating frequency or frequencies which is typically silicon steel laminations.
  • Other Power transformer design considerations are space limitations and mounting technique.
  • Lead terminations are also specified through the design of a Power Transformer.

Power transformer designs vary widely in terms of power rating, voltage and current levels (turns ratios), operating frequency, size, impedance, bandwidth (frequency response), winding and other parameters.